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‘Pirates’ Wins 6 VES Awards

“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” swept the Fifth Annual Visual Effects Society Awards in Hollywood Sunday. The Walt Disney Co. film won in all six categories for which it was nominated, including outstanding visual effects in a visual effects motion picture and best single visual effect of the year for the Flying Dutchman sequence. The effects were completed by Industrial Light & Magic, the special effects division of Lucasfilm Co. The Encino-based VES presents the awards for the best effects, compositing, animated characters and use of models and miniatures in feature films, television, commercials, music videos and video games. “Flags of Our Fathers,” distributed by Warner Bros. also won for outstanding visual effects in a motion picture. Disney/Pixar’s “Cars” won for outstanding animated character in an animated motion picture. NBC’s medical drama “ER” won for outstanding supporting visual effects in a broadcast program. Awards Chairman Jeff Okun said the awards show that visual effects artists are slowly getting the respect they deserve even though there are still some in the industry confused by the trade. “We can create rampaging dinosaurs, a Superman, a Spiderman,” Okun said. “We can make continents disappear, create an alternate universe or an alternate storyline.” Dennis Muren, winner of eight Academy Awards including “The Empire Strikes Back,” “The Abyss,” and “Jurassic Park,” was presented with the society’s Lifetime Achievement by George Lucas. The VES has over 1,500 members in 16 countries.

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