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President Pushes to Raise Bar’s Profile

Alice A. Salvo President, San Fernando Valley Bar Association Firm: Law Offices of Alice A. Salvo, Woodland Hills Specialty: Elder Law Born: November 10, 1955 Personal: Married with two children, a son, 9, and a daughter 8. Education: J.D. from Southwestern University School of Law, L.L.M. in estate planning from University of Miami School of Law. Professional Affiliations: Warner Center Estate Planning Council, past chair, SFVBA Probate Section, past president, Southern California Council of Elder Law Attorneys, past president LAPD Gray Squad Advisory Board. What are your goals as the newly installed president of the SFVBA? In the last ten years we’ve grown the membership from 900 members to 2,100 members. Now I want to focus on getting the members more active. Our goal is to have the San Fernando Valley Bar Association become a beacon for attorneys and people in the community to turn to when they need legal help or information. What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment? Having a successful practice. Who is your most admired person? My father, Tony Salvo. My father drove a lift in a lumber yard for 40 years, and he taught me to work hard and you can achieve all your goals, so he’s my role model. What was your career turning point? We had to write an essay in 10th grade on what we wanted to become. There were about 30 students in the class. Some were from the rich part of town by the lake and they all said they either wanted to be doctors or lawyers. I ranked No. 5 out of 514 students, and I said if they could be doctors and lawyers I could too. I knew you had to cut up cadavers in medical school, so I decided to become a lawyer. Why did you decide to specialize in elder law? I had a client come into my office, and she said her husband was in a nursing home and they told her she had to sell her house, and I found out she could have kept her house, so elder law seemed like an area where I could make an impact. When did you open your own practice and why? I opened the firm in May of 1995. I opened my own practice so I could work less hours because I had started a family. That didn’t work out the way I hoped. Maybe in the next life.

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