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Princess Cruises Diverting Ships from Mexican Ports

Princess Cruises has cancelled two calls in Mexican ports today, issuing a statement that indicates the company, based in Valencia, is currently considering on a day-by-day basis whether or not to call on Mexican ports as the swine flu situation develops. However, no blanket cancellation of dockings in Mexico have been ordered by Princess or its parent corporation Carnival. “The health and well being of our passengers and crew is our foremost priority, and therefore we are monitoring the swine flu situation closely,” the company said in a formal statement. Today, the cruise line’s Coral Princess vessel and Sapphire Princess were rerouted from Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta, respectively. Four other ships are scheduled for calls in Mexican ports during coming weeks, and the company will issue a more comprehensive statement tomorrow (Wednesday, April 29) regarding possible rerouting. Alternate destinations include San Diego and Santa Catalina Island. “We’ve cancelled two stops today,” a spokeswoman told the Business Journal. “It’s an important issue; we’re obviously keeping close tabs on the situation.” The company says its ships’ sick bays are equipped with anti-viral drugs that can treat the flu effectively, adding it has taken the following steps to ensure passenger safety: – Enhancing screening practices for passengers and crew embarking Princess ships. – Adhering to CDC guidelines for reporting and treatment of persons with suspect swine flu. – Isolating and treating passengers and crew with suspect swine flu if any should potential cases appear. – Rigorously cleaning and sanitizing ships. – Communicating to passengers and crew that they should take extra care to practice healthy habits such as washing their hands often. – Asking passengers and crew to report to ship medical center immediately if they exhibit any symptoms of flu.

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