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Q: How did you get into this business? A: I was a union man and then decided I could do more and went into management. I knew I had more potential. I started with (an East Coast company) and worked my way up from the bottom. Q: How did you come to Fallbrook? A: I’d been in the shopping center industry for 16 or 17 years and working for another company in Long Island when General Growth offered me the position in California. My kids lived out here and I’d never lived out here, so I decided to take the opportunity. Q: Where do you see the mall five years from now? A: I see it as a bright star. I call it a diamond in the rough; we just haven’t shaved off the dirt yet. And once we do that, I think it will be a very pleasant place to shop. And I think it will be a very colorful and wonderful place to shop.

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