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Providence Breast Center

Providence Breast Center, Burbank Opens to Serve the Community by Stephanie Olson In today’s fast-paced world, women often forget to do the simple things to keep themselves healthy. Through simple yearly exams, many diseases can be detected early and treated before becoming life-threatening. In fact, more than 90% of women whose breast cancer is detected early — before it spreads beyond the breast– survive the disease. To better meet the needs of the community in early detection of breast cancer, Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center recently opened the Providence Breast Center. “The Center was designed to help women detect breast cancer early, using minimally invasive methods, and provide options for the latest treatments available in a caring, sensitive environment,” said Priscilla Wong, M.D., Medical Director of the Providence Breast Center. The Providence Breast Center mission is to provide state-of-the-art coordinated breast health services including prevention, education, and diagnosis in one convenient location. Specialists from various fields work as a multidisciplinary team to apply a broad source of perspectives and skills to the processes of diagnosis and treatment. Services at the new Center include: * Mammography: screening and diagnostic * Needle aspiration *Breast ultrasound * ABBI and Mammotome breast biopsy — minimally-invasive biopsy techniques * Stereotactic biopsy Also available through Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center is Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Scintimammography. Not only do patients have access to mammography services at the Center, but also to tremendous innovations in diagnostic techniques. The Center offers an array of minimally invasive techniques including the new ABBI and Mammotome systems. These technologies offer (for women who are candidates) a number of benefits including excellent accuracy to remove minimal tissue with the best possible cosmetic result, and a quick return to normal activity. The Providence Breast Center encompasses the philosophy of treating women as a whole — mind, body and spirit — and not just treating a disease or a lump. So, in addition to the above services, patients will be educated about performing self-exams, when to have mammograms, and what lifestyle changes may be beneficial. Access to educational and patient support include the following services: breast self exam; clinical breast exams; printed educational information; patient support groups; nutritional counseling; and, a personal appearance recovery program. Patients also have reassurance in knowing that the Breast Center is associated directly with Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center (PSJMC). Those who have cancer will have access to care with the Providence Saint Joseph Cancer Center which has above-national average outcomes in survival and local control. “Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center is and continues to be a leader in breast preservation therapy for early breast cancer. The national average for the treatment of early breast cancer by breast preservation is approximately 45%. At PSJMC, breast preservation represents about 70 to 80% of the treatment for early breast cancer.” said Raul Mena, M.D., Medical Director, Providence Saint Joseph Cancer Center. The Providence Breast Center is another step toward Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center’s commitment to provide a total, interdisciplinary approach to women’s health and to detect cancer in its earliest possible stages. The Providence Breast Center is located at 2701 W. Alameda Avenue in Burbank across the street from Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center. For a complete brochure about the Providence Breast Center, a physician referral or a free breast self exam card, call (818) 840-7967. Or, to speak directly with a representative from the Breast Center or to make an appointment for a mammogram, call the Center at (818) 525-4999. # # #

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