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ReachLocal Launches New Online Advertising Product

With its goal to bring Internet marketing to main street, Encino-based marketing company, ReachLocal, has introduced a new online advertising product that provides local businesses with a way to attract local customers. The new technology utilizes leading Internet search engines like Google and Overture; yellow pages websites like Superpages.com; paid inclusion providers like Yahoo!; and geo-targeted banner networks like Advertising.com, to help limit the display of ads to only those who live within certain designated areas. The model concerns a “pay for performance” structure in which advertisers pay only when users click on the ads to visit specific sites. ReachLocal intends to create customized campaigns based on advertisers’ budgets, the types of producers or services being promoted and the areas they want to target. The ReachLocal system automatically selects the best online publishers for a specific campaign, adding new publishers to the network as appropriate.

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