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Reality Shows Surge in L.A.

Television production, particularly for reality shows, dominated area production in 2006, according to statistics released Thursday by FilmLa Inc. Overall, there was a 1 percent increase in the number of on-location permits issued by FilmLA for feature film, television and commercial production in Los Angeles County. FilmLA is a not for profit agency office coordinating permits for on-location filming. Its figures do not include filming taking place on studio lots. The office issued 55,399 permits in 2006, just a small increase over the 54,876 permits issued the year before. Television accounted for the highest number of permits for on location filming with an overall gain of 10.2 percent for 2006. Reality programming took a 41 percent chunk of all on-location television days. Sitcom production was 12.6 percent and dramas was 6.2 percent, both increasing over figures for 2005. On-location feature film production fell by 7.4 percent in 2006. That is a 37 percent decline since 1996 when film production in Los Angeles peaked at 13,980 days. The long-term loss coincides with gains by other states offering financial incentives for film production to take place. “We may look back on 2006 as a turning point given it was the year when 16 of the 28 states that currently offer financial incentives either enacted them for the first time or significantly sweetened what they have to offer,” said FilmLA President Steve McDonald.

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