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Robert Kleiman and Mark Sapiro

Robert Kleiman and Mark Sapiro offer the best of both worlds to people who want to move out of their starter home into a larger, custom-built house, but can’t afford to pay for the houses an architect will dream up. Structure Development builds custom homes based on a catalog of choices offered to customers, tearing down an existing home and building a new one on top of it, usually for under $800,000. “We started with big dreams and we feel we have brought a lot of integrity, hard work and experience and these attributes have led to success,” said Sapiro “We have always been system oriented, trying to implement new ideas to avoid repeat mistakes.” Kleiman and Sapiro say that one of the keys to keeping their customers happy is their ability to build a home around a specific budget. Families can choose between several upgrades and features while keeping costs under control at all times. The homes don’t carry the price tag of a one-of-a-kind house, but they allow customers to live with just about any feature they’d like. “Our business plan of rebuilding homes in place of other homes, we dreamed that it would be all it has become,” said Sapiro. “We want to continue to grow very carefully so that our clients feel the service they get is the same quality and their experience doesn’t change.” Kleiman and Sapiro, long-time friends and former executives at a major Southern California home builder, founded Structure Development Group in 1996. The company has thrived because of enthusiastic customer referrals. Structure’s customers say they’re happy to have been able to build a new home at a reasonable price without having to move out of their neighborhood. Kleiman and Sapiro expect Structure’s revenues to be approximately $14.5 million this year, they are scheduled to build 21 homes in 2005.

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