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Sabeus Purchases Valley Laser Firm

In a move to expand its product offerings and bolster its in-house technological acumen, Calabasas-based sensing systems manufacturer, Sabeus Inc. has purchased Van Nuys-based Aragon Technologies Inc. for an undisclosed amount. As a result of the purchase, Sabeus will integrate Aragon’s laser technology into its advanced sensing systems that it makes for the oil field industry and military. “The laser systems of Aragon are a perfect fit and further enhance our technology position and fit very nicely with the rest of our products. It was a very synergistic acquisition,” Fima Vaisman, Sabeus’ vice president of sales and marketing, said. “It will be a crucial part of our military and commercial applications as well as for our telecom applications. It’s not just a regular laser. It’s the single best performing laser in its category.” A relatively small firm founded in 2002, Aragon’s employees will be absorbed into a new division of Sabeus. This new component of Sabeus already has eight employees and according to Vaisman, it will be growing rapidly. “This is an integral part of our company and it has enabled us to make some lateral moves internally and add some people to our military, oil and gas product lines,” Vaisman said. Having this new product will be essential not just for Sabeus’ own in-house use, but it will also give Sabeus the ability to market the laser to other companies in the space. According to both Vaisman and Kathy Kincaid, a contributing editor at Laser Focus World magazine, the move represents Sabeus’ growing desire to branch out beyond its roots in the telecommunications industry. “Sabeus is a company that began in the telecom space and their technology lends itself to defense applications,” Kincaid said. “This looks to be a good acquisition for them in that they’re broadening their portfolio to expand beyond their original roots.” Also as a part of the acquisition, Aragon’s co-founders will become senior executives at Sabeus. Armando Montalvo, the developer of Aragon’s laser will lead Sabeus’ research and development program, as vice president, engineering while Al Garden will become Sabeus’ vice president of operations.

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