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Schools operate in crisis mode

Rialto Unified teacher Joscelin Thomas knew that her school district was the first in the state to send employees notices that their jobs were in danger. She knew she was particularly vulnerable as a new employee. She hoped she wouldn’t get one. “I have a lot of faith. Maybe it won’t happen,” she said with a smile. Then the vice principal asked her if she had received any certified mail recently. Yes, Thomas said, but the mother of six hadn’t had time to go the post office to pick it up. “Um, that’s it,” the vice principal said gently as Thomas slumped in her chair. Thomas’ situation is an apt example of the predicament of public school teachers around the state. After crossing their fingers that they could avoid layoffs, teachers from Santa Ana to Kern County learned last week that they may not have jobs as their districts struggle to balance their books in anticipation of a $4.8-billion education cutback proposed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Read the full story at http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-rialto3mar03,0,6889373.story

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