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Ranked # 13 Nemecek & Cole Nemecek & Cole is a professional liability and business litigation law firm with 40 full-time employees based in Sherman Oaks. All attorneys that work for the firm are paid a percentage of business generated and a bonus for hours billed. Support staff also receives a bonus at year end. Employees are offered a wide range of healthcare plans including PPO, HMO or health savings accounts so employees can find a plan that works best for them. Paralegals and lawyers are given remote access to their workstations so they may work out of the office if necessary. Nemecek & Cole offers weekly massages and manicures for all of its employees, and maintains a fully-stocked kitchen. Employees are able to pay for healthcare insurance premiums through a S125 Plan. Nemecek & Cole is dedicated to ensuring an equal opportunity workplace and looks solely to an applicant’s qualifications for a job opening. It seeks employees who are team players and willing to work in a diverse office. Full tuition is paid for any classes taken by employees relating to the firm’s practice. The firm encourages employee feedback and besides having an open door policy, N & C; holds weekly litigation meetings for all attorneys and support staff. It also maintains an anonymous suggestions box. One-third of the company’s employees have been there for more than 10 years. In appreciation of long-term employees, after 10 years employees are given a watch which is replaced with a Rolex after 20 years. Throughout the year all employees and a significant other are invited to after-hour firm functions, which have included a car rally, bowling night, movies and a wine tasting weekend in Santa Barbara. Nemecek & Cole encourages family time, and gives employees time to attend school or other events. Ari Morguelan Ranked # 12 SingerLewak The accounting firm of SingerLewak has 246 employees in the Los Angeles area with 20 in the Valley. It has a profit-sharing plan that if the company exceeds its financial goal for the year; all employees of the firm who are eligible receive a payout. Annual and quarterly bonuses are also paid to all employees with the firm matching 3 percent of an employee’s contribution to the 401(k) plan. In order to accommodate the needs of the firm’s employees some specific positions are allowed to telecommute, and support is given to their home office. SingerLewak’s employee assistance program provides confidential counseling designed to help employees manage work and life problems. The firm’s non-exempt employees have the ability to compress their work week in order to meet personal obligations. The firm encourages employees to continue their education through their tuition reimbursement program, where eligible employees receive anywhere from $1,500-$2,500 in annual reimbursements. SingerLewak promotes a healthy workplace, and facilitates a program called the Battle of the Bulge, which is a friendly competition between different locations in the firm to see who can better meet certain health criteria. As part of the program, guest speakers are brought in and incentives are given to employees who meet their health goals. SingerLewak maintains an open door policy where everyone from the top to the bottom can walk into each other’s offices for consultation. The firm has also established “Buddy Groups,” where 7 or 8 people meet for lunch once a week; the groups are specifically drawn from multiple departments to encourage inter-departmental relationship building, and increasing employee morale. SingerLewak supports the continuing education of its employees. After one year of employment, tuition reimbursement is available at $1,500 the first year and $3,000 each subsequent year. It prides itself on being a family oriented company, once a year the partners cook breakfast for the entire staff. Ranked # 11 Faye, Pollack & Associates Inc. Faye, Pollack & Associates Inc. is an information technology (IT) consulting and software sales and support company which promotes the continued education of its employees. Full-time employees are given an annual allowance for continuing education and technical courses. Bonuses are awarded based on billed hours, utilization percentage and departmental revenues. Consulting staff are generally able to work remotely or onsite at client locations. Through their supplemental disability insurance, employees have access to trained counselors to assist with life’s challenges, family issues, health and wellness. In addition to these benefits, FPA’s insurance provider offers programs that include health club memberships, alternative healthcare, health education and maternity management. The benefits also include various healthy living programs in addition to various discount programs for vitamins. FPA also has its own proprietary in-house education program which encompasses courses in the areas of professionalism, communication, and leadership. FPA makes a point to recognize employees who have completed their in-house education program. Called the Faye Pollack & Associates University, the program encompasses specialized courses in the areas of professionalism, communication, and leadership directed at managers and supervisory staff. Upon completion of the training program, employees are given a certificate and recognized at staff meetings. FPA sees their “university,” program as the core of their company culture. According to FPA, the “university” bonds all the employees together so that they have a common framework for delivering services to clients. Ari Morguelan Ranked # 10 Greenberg & Bass LLP Greenberg & Bass is a full-service law firm with 23 full-time staff. In addition to annual bonuses paid to all employees based on the firm’s profits, all staff receive 3 percent of their salary as profit-sharing after their first year of employment. File clerks can earned $100 for every month in which they are not out sick. G & B; offers a “125 Plan,” that allows medical premiums, child care costs, and medical expenses to be deducted from pre tax dollars. Health plan benefits allow domestic partners to be added to the coverage the same as a spouse. As part of compensation packages some employees receive a tuition reimbursement for books, parking and tuition. G & B; also encourages employes to use vacation and/or sick time to do community service or volunteer work. All partners and management have an open door policy with easy daily access. G & B; conducts weekly and quarterly meetings to discuss client issues and employee needs. In addition to a fully-stocked kitchen, those working extra hours are provided with lunch and dinner. In an industry known for long hours, G & B;’s billing requirements for attorneys are structured so they can leave the office in the evening and “have a life.” Attorneys are set up to have remote access so they can work from wherever is convenient, facilitating their ability to blend work and their personal lives. Work schedules are set to accommodate school schedules for staff members attending school each semester. Employees are rarely asked to work overtime and are given the opportunity to work remotely if possible. GB monitors its pay scale against industry and geographic standards and maintains salaries that are consistently at the top of the pay scale for the Valley area. Ranked # 9 First Bank First Bank is a family-owned financial institution that offers a full-range of services to individuals and businesses of all sizes. The bank has an incentive plan that allows associates to earn bonuses based on the amount of products sold to First Bank’s customers. Benefits are offered after only one month of work, and are offered to employees that work at least 30 hours a week. Combined each employee receives 31 paid days off a year, and can accrue up to 20 vacation days. First Bank is big on employee recognition, and considers recognition a “primary key to success.” It employs a couple different programs. The First Bank “Golden Pickle,” award is presented to all employees who meet their service standards and go above and beyond their duties. On a regional level, employees are recognized for their performance every quarter as well as annually. A Presidents Club is held twice a year where top performers in different categories are honored. The institution allows employees to contribute to flexible spending accounts and dependent child care accounts that top out at $5,000 annually. First Bank is committed to having a diverse workplace; through Monster.com they cross-post jobs to actively reach candidates who are disabled, members of diverse ethnic/cultural communities, and people of all ages. The bank also maintains an open-door policy, where all employees have access to senior management as well as an internal newsletter that promotes teamwork. It also stresses continued training for new and current employees. The training department conducts classes focused on the different facets of the bank’s operations. In addition, First Bank will pay for outside computer classes. Also, employees who are in the process of being promoted are supported by training classes ensuring a smooth transition into their new positions. The bank prides itself on a friendly team environment and friendly competition between branches. Ari Morguelan Ranked # 8 Stone, Rosenblatt & Cha Stone, Rosenblatt & Cha is a business law firm that specializes in real estate, licensing, entertainment, intellectual property and employment law. SRC offers several bonus programs for attorneys including a business development, billable hour bonus, and a citizen bonus. Year-end bonuses are given to the staff. In addition, anniversary gifts are given at milestones like five, ten and 15 years with the company. Profit sharing is also offered after one year of employment, during an annual enrollment period. The firm offers 10 vacation days to most employees, while their lawyers are allowed to take an unlimited number of vacation hours. Exempt employees are offered 24/7 remote access to work, and are encouraged to work when and where they are most effective. SRC makes an effort to work with staff that have scheduling needs, compressed week schedules are allowed. SRC staff members are offered a premium EAP plan that includes counseling benefits, information resources, and personal development benefits. In addition the firm’s building maintains a gym that employees can join at no cost. The firm provides breakfast every Friday, sundries and often hosts lunch and other events on and off site. In addition, SRC recognizes their employees in a number of ways: ranging from kudos, to gifts, rewards, as well as anniversary presents for employees who continue to stay with the firm year after year. The firm’s culture promotes open communication. The firm has multiple meetings weekly on different levels and assigns “action teams,” to address issues brought up in meetings. SRC promotes a friendly culture, where the employees care about each other. For example employees organized a schedule to provide meals for one family that was in a crisis while also helping another by collecting money so the employee could attend a family gathering out of state. SRC says “[we] have a professional, proactive supportive and collegial team oriented culture that promotes a positive work environment.” Ari Morguelan Ranked # 7 California Home Builders, a Division of Evenhaim Industries Real estate development firm California Home Builders builds new custom homes and rental units, specializing in infill projects. An environmentally-conscious company, CHB utilizes green building practices and energy-efficient appliances in all of its projects. This carries over to its own office environment where recycled products, fluorescent lights and other green building techniques are used. CHB knows that it is important for employees to know how they are doing. Employees have the opportunity to be evaluated twice a year for performance reviews, and are given raises based on performance. CHB also prides itself on being an extremely friendly company, encouraging open communication between all levels of employees. Employees are encouraged to interact together, outside of work, to boost employee morale. Comprehensive management training, educational workshops and safety training all ensure a safe work environment. CHB prides itself on having a friendly, family environment which tries to not lay people off when work slows down. It considers itself an extremely friendly company, encouraging employees to communicate on all levels. Many employees use Blackberry devices to communicate with each other at all hours of the day. In addition at least twice a year CHB has a “fun day,” to help build a sense of teamwork. For one weekend a year each employee and one guest are given a free weekend retreat to a luxury hotel where they receive massages and other spa treatments, as well as a group dinner. CHB has recently moved into a new office, in which a gym is being built as part of the facilities. The new office will also help the everyday work environment by adding a fish tank, a pond, a game room, and a fully stocked kitchen. Ari Morguelan Ranked # 6 Midnight Oil Creative Midnight Oil Creative is a design firm specializing in branding, packaging, e-commerce and web applications. At Midnight Oil, employees have the option to pick and choose between three providers for medical and dental; The company offers both HMO and PPO plans. Midnight Oil has an employee assistance program that includes counseling services for various management problems. The company offers between 40-80 hours of sick time each year depending on the employee’s status, as well as 11 paid holidays a year. The office is environmentally sensitive with the company promoting a wide variety of recycling within the office: all scrap paper, cards, cans, printer cartridges, batteries and light bulbs are recycled. They are currently working on getting quotes for using solar power. As part of their ongoing community stewardship program, Midnight Oil pays half of the cost of a Metro pass and any employee who carpools or purchases a Metro pass gets a $50 gas card each month with the opportunity to win as much as $1,000 in an annual raffle for all participants in the program. It has a diverse employee bonus and recognition program. Employees receive bonuses as well as get gift cards. Years of service awards are given to employees, free lunches, parties, and a carpool incentive program are also offered. Midnight Oil also has telecommuting options for its employees as well as flexible scheduling for those employees that have families. Annual company picnics and holiday parties include families and tickets to local events are also offered to employees regularly. In order to better facilitate inter-office communication Midnight Oil has company updates sent out through e-mails, weekly management production meetings and daily production meetings, all aimed at creating a team atmosphere. Ari Morguelan Ranked # 5 Parker Brown Inc. The general contracting firm of Parker Brown was established in 1994 and is based in Canoga Park The company prides itself on having an open-door policy where all staff members have easy access to management. It offers a family-like atmosphere which employees appreciate. Parker Brown treats its employees to coffee and snacks everyday and occasionally lunch. Health benefits extend to dependents as well as registered domestic partners. Tuition reimbursement is offered, as long as it pertains to construction. In addition as it pertains to specific projects, Parker Brown will pay for individual courses or seminars. Most of the company’s employees have been working at Parker Brown for years. The company sponsors staff lunches on employee birthdays and company events for families including picnics, trips to Santa Anita Raceday and fishing trips. The company pays for fees and materials if employees want to take construction- related classes and seminars. According to Senior Project Manager Ben Alvarez, on each employee birthday the bosses take the employee out to lunch or if there are multiple birthdays, a large group will all go out to celebrate. In order to promote safety and continuing education in their field, Parker Brown pays for CPR and safety classes. Each day in the morning safety meetings take place at the job-sites to ensure that employees maintain a safe place to work. Parker Brown in its efforts to promote a healthy work place holds a weight loss competition in which recognition is given to employees that meet their goals. Alvarez says the company orders in and eats together in a break room on a daily basis. They discuss everyday topics, creating a very friendly family-like environment. It “keeps us close,” added Alvarez. Ari Morguelan Ranked # 4 California United Bank California United Bank is a three-year-old local business bank with 40 employees. Of that number, 22 have worked together at other financial institutions. They believe this foundation of previous work experience and shared vision makes for a truly happy work force. Referring to themselves as a “flat,” organization meaning executive and senior management are approachable and available to the general staff. CUB promotes a sense of camaraderie between its employees, saying “the fun factor cannot be overlooked.” Each CUB branch has adopted a local community non-profit such as the Boys and Girls Club of America, and has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for these organizations. An all-inclusive benefits package includes long-term care insurance which is 100 percent paid for by CUB, as well as life insurance and long-term disability insurance. Domestic partners are entitled to full benefits as well. All employees are eligible for a performance-based incentive on an annual basis tied to the performance review process. Other department and sales have their own bonuses structures set up as well. Employee assistance programs are paid for by the Bank, including website access, 800 phone access and 3 in-person visits a year. CUB offers both flexible spending accounts, and dependent care; domestic partners are included in the medical benefits as well. CUB offers its employees 10 paid holidays a year, and only requires a minimum of 30 hours a week of work to be eligible for benefits. The bank also has a tuition reimbursement program that is dependent on the personal development plan approved for the team member. Ari Morguelan Ranked # 3 Tower General Contractors Tower General Contractors is active in the building of education, retail, industrial and government facilities. The company strives to maintain a family environment for its employees and pays 100 percent of health and dental benefits and short- and long-term disability insurance. Bonuses go to each person involved in a specific project, not just the lead manager. Bonuses are paid out annually, quarterly as well as upon project completion. Tower also offers low to interest free loans based on tenure and ability to repay. In addition it offers laptops, Internet access, and cell phones to those that must telecommute. Tower not only practices green building practices on its projects but also in its offices. The company utilizes recycled carpet material, recycled paper products, and offers one extra day of vacation for every 100 days of public transportation taken. In addition 60 percent of its power is derived from natural or solar power. The company works to have a diverse force and provides amenities such as a fully stocked kitchen, showers and a gym on site that employees and their family members may use. If an employee wants to take a class that will enhance or improve their ability to do a better job, the company will reimburse as long as they receive a “B” or better. Additionally, it will pay for any certification classes or seminars, including LEEDS green certification, OSHA safety, construction drawings, and word perfect. All birthdays are celebrated, holiday parties are open to all family members, and the office has a “family room,” with a plasma screen TV where employees or children of employees may congregate. The management has a “if we don’t know it’s broke, we can’t fix it attitude,” when it comes to office communication, and encourages employees to bring up any issues or suggestions. According to Tower, most of its employees wake up everyday and look forward to coming to work. Ari Morguelan Ranked # 2 M. David Paul & Associates Commercial real estate developer and property management firm M. David Paul has 57 employees in the Los Angeles area, with 35 working in a variety of San Fernando Valley locations. It has an extensive bonus system aimed at encouraging longevity with the company. For example, after two years of employment, employees are entered in an annual drawing for a one-week, all-expenses-paid trip to a foreign country; the longer the term of employment, the more drawing entries an employee is given. The company matches 4 percent of 401(k) contributions and offers HMO and PPO health plans for which MDP pays 100 percent of the employee cost. All full-time employees can choose either the HMO or PPO plan for medical coverage and MDP pays 100 percent of the HMO dental plan and offers the employees the option to purchase the PPO plan at the rate difference. MDP also pays 100 percent of the vision benefit cost and 100 percent of the cost for a $25,000 life insurance policy. An IBA plan allows employees to contribute pre-tax to medical, disability, group term life, dependent care and accidental death and dismemberment insurance. On average, each employee receives 30 hours of annual training and development. MDP encourages corporate communication, whether it is just the chance to meet with senior leadership or sponsoring off-site meetings at which food is provided. Other perks include tickets to sports events for employees that go above and beyond. Employees not affiliated with the construction side of the company are encouraged to learn that side of the business, and classes and licensing are paid for. MDP has the unique distinction of being able to challenge its employees professionally while gracing them with an impeccable work-life balance. Ari Morguelan Ranked # 1 L/B/W Insurance and Financial Services Inc. Valencia-based L/B/W, with 30 full-time and four part-time employees, offers non-health care insurance and financial services. LBW awards bonuses on a quarterly basis based on company profitability. The firm pays 100 percent of the cost of medical, prescription, dental, vision, long-term care, life insurance, and short-term disability insurance for employees, as well as offering a credit union. Domestic partner benefits are offered equivalent to spousal and dependent benefits. L/B/W’s employee assistance program includes 20 mental health visits and phone counseling. Childcare costs are subsidized through a voluntary Section 125 plan. Employee recognition includes: Employee of the Quarter, special-service and teamwork awards and length-of-service milestones are also acknowledged. L/B/W strongly encourages education both in its industry and out and will work with students to accommodate their schedules. Advanced education, licensing, and experience are rewarded by job title and monetary compensation. In an effort to accommodate single parents, L/B/W will work to make alternative start times or other special needs. The company always allows employees time off to attend family and child school or special activities. In addition, L/B/W endeavors to primarily work regular hours only and overtime is asked only as needed so that employees can spend more time with families. L/B/W has a very “sharp,” hiring process, and hires talented people, pays for their training and licensing in the insurance area that fits best. It stresses a company culture that includes having a “big company,” attitude when it comes to serious business, and a very vital, fast moving, flexible culture within the company. Ari Morguelan

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