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Soil Company Completes Successful Field Tests

American Soil Technologies, Inc. completed the first stage of initial tests of two agricultural products they say are showing promise in the potato growing industry. The company’s products, Nutrimoist and Agriblend, have been field tested in Kuwait and show “remarkable” improvement in the quality and yields of the crop that was tested, according to Carl P. Ranno, president and chief executive officer of Pacoima-based American Soil Technologies, “This information from the Public Authority of Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources in Kuwait is very encouraging and is consistent with the positive laboratory test results announced by government agencies in the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait in the summer of 2006,” said Ranno. “The field tests in Kuwait were done in a potato field, and the polymers substantially improved the quality and quantity of the potatoes. The second stage of tests, which will be conducted in October, focus on measuring water usage savings. American Soil Technologies develops, acquires and markets technology that decreases the need for water in agriculture and other plant-growing businesses.

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