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Solar Park Proposed for Lancaster

The City of Lancaster and DayStar Farms Inc. will develop a solar park to encourage research and development of solar-driven electricity production. Lancaster will provide the land and utility services for the park while DayStar’s role will be to expedite construction of transmission lines into the park by working with public and private utilities and government agencies. An agreement between Lancaster and DayStar will have the city sharing in revenues generated by the park. The solar park will invigorate the Antelope Valley economy for years to come and has the potential to revolutionize solar power generation, Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris said. Lancaster and DayStar will work together to secure federal stimulus funds and other grants for projects and infrastructure related to renewable energy. “This is a truly exciting project which will benefit not only Lancaster, but the entire Antelope Valley,” Parris said. Mark R. Madler

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