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Superior Court Says Mattel Has No Claim Against Brawer

The Los Angeles Superior court has sustained MGA Entertainment, Inc. employee, Ronald Brawer’s demurrer to Mattel’s complaint, Mattel, Inc. v. Ronald Brawer, a suit filed late last year. The court concluded that Mattel’s declaratory relief claim had no legal merit. In October 2004, Mattel sued Brawer, a former Mattel executive who resigned from Mattel in late 2004 and later went to work for MGA Entertainment, Inc., claiming that his employment with MGA would lead to improper disclosure of Mattel’s proprietary information and trade secrets. Brawer filed his Demurrer with the court in December 2004, seeking the dismissal of this case. The Court’s decision throws out Mattel’s current lawsuit, in the wake of Mattel’s lawyers’ acknowledgement that Mattel had no evidence that Brawer had disclosed or used Mattel’s proprietary information at MGA or otherwise. However, the Court did allow Mattel 45 days within which to file an amended complaint if it has the evidence to support it.

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