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Taking a Summer Vacation?

A recent Automobile Club of Southern California survey found that members’ summer travel bookings are up 10 percent from last year. But high gas prices, an uncertain economy, and good old American workaholism could put a damper on this year’s summer getaways. So the Business Journal asks: Have you made any changes to your summer vacation plans? George Hammer Co-owner California Expert Moving & Storage Inc. No. Business is so good. The phone keeps ringing. And besides that, my wife and I just celebrated our 30th anniversary and we had already made plans, and regardless of the economy, we’d go. But even without that, business is very good. I’m not concerned. Kenneth W. Keller Principal Keller & Associates The truth is, I have yet to make my vacation plans, and the stock market won’t affect it. My wife is a school teacher and we’re waiting for her vacation in October. I am concerned about interest rates because I have an adjustable mortgage. But the economy won’t affect our plans. Eva Marie Denst Owner Makeupmania.com No, I haven’t changed my plans. I’m going to Germany this summer. Honestly, I’ve been so into business lately that I haven’t been closely following the ups and downs of the market. But I think there’s a lot of shakedowns that are still going to happen, especially in the commerce side of technology. But even with that, there’s a great ability to get (tech stock) deals, and so it’s a great time to buy. There’s still so many great technology companies, like Cisco and Microsoft. I think this is just a correction and the economy is still strong. Chris Devan Arcona Studio & Mythic Tribe Store No, our investment is basically within ourselves so we don’t worry about (the stock market and economy). We’re doing our own thing and business is good. But we’re building onto our business now. We have a holistic face and body business. Since we’re expanding, there’ll be no vacation for us this year. Wendy Dio The Ivy Cottage I haven’t made vacation plans yet. I travel all the time, though, for my business. But the economy hasn’t had an impact on that and I don’t think it will this summer. I’ve had stocks for 20 years now. They come up, they go down and up and down. But if you have them long term, I don’t think it has an effect on you. Jonathon Krasny Owner A Coin Exchange No, not at all. I’m not concerned. It’s just a day-to-day thing. It’s kind of a funny thing for us. When the stock market is doing well, our business is slow here. It’s a hard-asset business, so I’m kind of in a hedge situation. When the stocks are up, our business is down, and when stocks are down, our business is up. I’m still making my summer plans; they won’t be affected by the stock market or anything.

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