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Taking Stock at Mid-Year: Planning Amid Chaos

This is a mid-year check on local business and the economy. Not much space so quickly here are some things to think about as we head toward the Fourth of July. & #183; Things are somewhat better in the local economy on a few levels than they were at the beginning of the year. Home sales are up due to foreclosure sales. People who have never owned a home are able to do so if they have good credit. In general, I’m hearing at least a few bright things from business owners and executives in several different industries. Retailers, for example, are seeing a few more customers. Manufacturers say their client list is a little more active. But they’re still laying off to help the bottom line. Layoffs are a lagging indicator. So when things are beginning to recover, there will still be a lot of people out of work. & #183;Politics as usual is absolutely dead but the stupid, arrogant politicians don’t seem to understand that. Take a look at Sacramento. Fighting, fighting, fighting as the state goes to hell. Arnold, you don’t seem like your heart is in it anymore. Legislators, your constant infighting and uncreative solutions are really getting old. & #183;Businesspeople who are being creative are doing OK. These are the people who have figured out how to sell to a whole new set of customers by making a new product, selling a new service or just marketing differently. It may take a little bit of an investment on the front end but may keep you in business. & #183;Network, network, network. Some officials at local business organizations are saying that attendance at networking events is up. It’s good to see that business owners and executives are using the down time at their businesses to be productive in making contacts that will bring in business now and especially when the economy recovers. Keeping a long-term view is just as important as meeting payroll these days. How about taking an hour a day to think five years down the road. It’s hard to plan amid the chaos but it’s crucial. I’m going to take a week off. See you later. Business Journal Editor Jason Schaff can be reached at (818) 316-3125 or at editor@sfvbj.com

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