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Talks Continue Between Actors, Studios

Talks have been extended between the Screen Actors Guild and the major Hollywood studios on a new three-year contract. This is the second time the contract talks have been extended since beginning in mid-April. The actors union has scaled back some its demands including a doubling of residuals from DVD sales and a 50% pay increase for guest stars on TV shows, the Los Angeles Times reported. Such concessions created enough goodwill to keep the talks alive a little longer, said people close to the situation, the Times said. Although the development is a positive sign, there are still steep hurdles to overcome before the parties can agree on a new contract to replace on that current that expires on June 30. Among other things, the sides are still arguing over the length of time film and TV shows can be streamed over the Internet before residuals can be paid to actors for their work, and what kind of programs created for the Internet should be covered under the union’s contract, the Times reported.

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