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Tech Firm’s Flexibility at Adapting to Changes Adds Greatly to Growth

In the fast-paced technology world, a new breed of technology can catch on quickly. Companies that had formerly made a killing off of providing various types of services can quickly find that their offerings have become obsolete almost overnight. Most experts agree that the only way to stay on top is to have an evolving and flexible business plan that allows you to adapt with the times. Chatsworth-based PCC Network Solutions, recognized this year as the Rising Star among the fastest growing private companies in the region, epitomizes this sort of company, having altered its business plan mid-stream to adapt to the changing realities of the 21st Century. When PCC was founded in 1985, its name was Pacific Coast Cabling and it primarily offered phone cabling to various businesses looking to get new systems put in. But with such a limited focus, it was difficult for the company to expand beyond this niche business. Enter the new phase of the company, complete with a re-christening. Pacific Coast Cabling became PCC Network Solutions, a full service networking solutions provider. The company now integrates all forms of systems from traditional cabling to VOIP, to installing full scale wireless Internet systems in heavily populated metropolitan areas. “What we’re doing is essentially creating two core competencies, which puts us above and beyond the standard cable company. We not only sell the products but we also can design businesses and cities’ complete technology infrastructure,” Daniel Faurlin, PCC’s vice president of marketing, said. “We are a one-stop-shop for infrastructure which includes the networking of your phone system, whether you have wireless needs or not. We can do intrusion detection, card access, video surveillance, really almost anything. It’s a compelling value statement.” Clearly, the company’s robust growth speaks to the veracity of Faurlin’s statement. In 2003, the company grossed $19 million, while in 2004, those figures were up to $24.4 million. Aspiring to have $100 million revenues and 15-20 offices throughout the nation, PCC has already begun a major expansion plan. It currently has two offices in Southern California, one in Arizona and one in Texas, with another one soon set to opened in Florida. And the company vows that there are more on their way. Another vital aspect of the company’s new strategy is its plan to gain more contracts to install wireless Internet networks throughout metropolitan areas. Thus far, these efforts have been met with success as PCC has installed wireless systems for the cities of Lompoc and West Hollywood. And just recently, the company landed a contract to light up the Third Street Promenade and Virginia Park for the city of Santa Monica.

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