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Teen Passionate About His Doughnut Career

Teen Passionate About His Doughnut Career While most nineteen year olds spend their hours cramming for final exams, partying at their fraternity or attempting to master the intricacies of the Playstation 2, Matt Massman spends his days working to become the doughnut king of Southern California. Growing up in Beverly Hills, Massman graduated from Beverly Hills High School and briefly enrolled at Santa Monica College, before chafing under the constraints and routine of academia. Initially, Massman planned on becoming a race car driver, a natural career path considering his father maintains an extensive fleet of antique race cars. After failing to become the next Dale Earnhardt, Massman decided to sell real estate, obtaining a broker’s license before realizing that real estate didn’t suit his particular interests. Feeling uncertain about his life, Massman had an epiphany at the Los Angeles Auto Show, where he viewed a man making fresh doughnuts in front of customers using an Orbit donut machine. Massman decided that he would buy an Orbit machine and make doughnuts at local fairs, car shows, and conventions, which ultimately led to his decision to open Baby Donuts at 15030 Ventura Blvd. #2, in Sherman Oaks. “Because I’m so new to the business world, I have a lot to learn. But I already know that I love what I’m doing, there’s never a dull moment. My favorite aspects of my work thus far, have been getting to watch my business grow. Seeing it transform from an idea that I had at the Los Angeles auto show to viewing its opening is a remarkable thing. While it’s fantastically rewarding, it’s also incredibly tough. As the owner you have to wear so many hats, from cleaning up, to ordering supplies, to making sure that everyone does their job perfectly. I’m a perfectionist and I just want to make everything great. “The thing about my store that differentiates us from other doughnut shops is that we have 101 choices of doughnuts. I personally recommend the chocolate mousse and the cinnamon topped. Furthermore, our doughnuts are always hot and fresh, every time you walk through the door. While other stores only bake their doughnuts three times a day, we have doughnuts constantly rolling off of the machines. We even make them right in front of you. Lastly, we deliver; you can’t say that about Winchell’s or Krispy Kreme. “When all is said and done I want to open up as many Baby Donuts franchises as possible. I want to sell as many doughnuts as I can and hopefully do enough business to eventually be open 24 hours a day. I love what I’m doing and want to do it forever. I want to be the doughnut king, and one day have Baby Donuts sponsor a race car team with my logo on the sides of their cars.” Jeff Weiss

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