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Teledyne Subsidiary to Develop Mach 5 Aircraft

A subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies Inc. has been named as a center for development of aircraft that can travel five times the speed of sound and faster. Teledyne Scientific & Imaging becoming a National Hypersonic Center supports Thousand Oaks-based Teledyne Technologies’ strategy to supply fundamental science and technology to the U.S. government. Teledyne Scientific & Imaging has been a leader in the development of novel materials such as ultra-high performance ceramic composites, polymer composites, and multi-functional materials. Other hypersonic centers have been established at universities throughout the U.S., including the University of California at Santa Barbara. NASA’s Fundamental Aeronautics Program and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research are funding the center at $2 million each per year with as much as $10 million if all renewal options are exercised. Mark R. Madler

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