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The Big Bad Media and Breathing New Life Into Old Things

For the past month I’ve been spending most of my time writing special reports about banking and construction in the greater San Fernando Valley area. And as all who’ve read these stories know, the picture isn’t pretty for either industry. The underlying theme: bad economy equals less money and people struggling to make ends meet. Scattered here and there are little anecdotes of hope and optimism. Honestly, I’m about ready to sign-up for a healthy dose of anti-depressants. And I’m just the one reporting on the issues, not living it to the degree of some folks. A comment/question I hear a lot is, “Why doesn’t ‘The Media’ report on all of the good things happening?” The assumption being that covering a higher percentage of “good news” would at least lift people’s spirits, and maybe even sales, in hard times. Here’s my answer: When writing news stories, my job is to cover the facts. I use the best data sources available to back up the premise of a story and experiences of professionals and other invested parties to give perspective. Concrete data and real people are telling the stories about the economy. And while there are more than enough depressing stories to go around, a perspective that needs to be covered, we also cover the encouraging ones. This issue’s special report talks about the construction slowdown and unemployment. But many projects are moving forward in spite of the economy, builders are tapping public works projects, and the unemployed have some options on the horizon. When we look back on the news from this blip in history, my hope as a devout member of the media is being able to read about the good and the bad will help us make better choices for the future. A Hip Deal Talk about a company that breathes new life into old and used things, Buffalo Exchange is opening a new store at 532 E. Main Street in Ventura. The eclectic buy-sell-trade clothing shop recently secured the 3,900 square foot space for the venture. I wrote about these guys months ago when doing a special report about the apparel industry in the Valley. Business has been up in the down economy. In contrast to the oft times far-from-chic experience of shopping at a thrift store, youngsters and adults alike consider Buffalo Exchange stores to be hip, fun and affordable destinations. This is Buffalo’s fourth store in Southern California. It also has shops on Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks, Kinross Ave. in Westwood and one on La Brea in central Los Angeles. Leases for Lee Preferred Media, which provides storage and management of media assets, signed a 10-year lease for a 46,934 square foot industrial warehouse space at 2777 N. Ontario St. in Burbank. Steve Scott of Lee & Associates represented the tenant and Gregory Geraci and David Harding of CB Richard Ellis represented the landlord, Second Street Ventures LLC. Total consideration for the lease was not disclosed. Scott Romick of Lee & Associates recently executed a lease for nearly 6,000 square feet of office space at 16130 Ventura Blvd. in Encino on behalf of Bullpen Integrated Marketing. The landlord, Woodrise-Encino LLC, was self-represented in the deal. Total consideration for the seven-year transaction is in excess of $1.35 million. Staff Reporter Eric Billingsley can be reached at (818) 316-3124 or at ebillingsley@sfvbj.com.

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