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John Dorman, CEO of Calabasas-based banking software maker Digital Insight Corp., knew he needed help after sales for the company tripled in just one year, going from $17.5 million in 1999 to $54.4 million in 2000. With such fast growth, it was no wonder that the company earned the top slot in Deloitte & Touche’s list of the 50 fastest growing tech companies in Southern California last year. But the company’s fast growth also meant a larger staff and the need for a larger management staff to oversee it. Dorman spoke to Business Journal reporter Carlos Martinez about managing the growth. “When I came here two years ago, the company was still a fairly small startup company with $7 million in revenue and we had 75 employees. Right now we’re on track to do just under $100 million and now we have just under 700 employees. “In just under three years we’ve grown more than tenfold in revenues and employees. “As a CEO you have to anticipate problems and I could see that we were going to need help, so you have to put the right processes and the people in place before trouble occurs, and so I brought people in to join the team. “But a little later, we brought a second wave of management staff because we knew we needed additional talent that we didn’t have inside the company. “We used to have one person responsible for product management and product strategy and product marketing as well as product development, there used to be one department dedicated to that. That job had become more than one person could handle, so we hired two world class executives to run those respective areas. “We did the same thing when we had one person responsible for running our data network as well as running the customer service operation and we brought in two world class executives to run those operations and you could see the improvement right away. “By bringing in strong, capable managers we were able to accelerate our progress in achieving our goal and in stabilizing our company. “Last year, I was CEO, chairman of the board and president, but now I’m CEO and chairman. I had to bring in a president because I found myself with more than two full time jobs. “It’s a challenge to continually build a management team to manage this kind of growth. Fortunately we found good people with strong leadership skills and a strong technology background.”

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