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The Pacesetter–CB Richard Ellis

Skyrocketing to the top of the heap on this year’s list of the top property management firms in the San Fernando Valley is CB Richard Ellis. Firms’ rankings are based on the total square footage of office and retail properties they manage in the greater San Fernando Valley. CB Richard Ellis increased its office/retail management portfolio from 3.4 million square feet in 1999 to 5.65 million square feet today. The growth has come from a combination of increased marketing of the company, several mergers in the last two years and a reorganization of the property management division, said Cindi Langendoen, director of asset services for CB Richard Ellis. Rather than having just one regional office in downtown Los Angeles that handled property management for greater Los Angeles, CB Richard Ellis added a property management division in each of its brokerage offices, Langendoen said. “We’ve teamed up with our brokerage offices to offer a management presence there,” she said. “That’s one thing that has made a big difference.”

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