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Truckers pinched by diesel prices

Fuel prices skyrocketed to fresh records, the Energy Department said Tuesday, as high oil prices collided with the traditional Memorial Day weekend drive-fest. The U.S. average price for self-serve regular gasoline hit $3.937 a gallon, up 14.6 cents from the week before, according to an Energy Department survey conducted Monday but released a day late because of the holiday. In California, a 14.7-cent increase pushed the average to $4.099 a gallon. Diesel was even more expensive, leaping 29 cents to an average of $5.027 a gallon in California and 22.6 cents to $4.723 nationwide. For the full story visit http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-gas28-2008may28,0,2147509.story

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