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Saturday, Sep 23, 2023

TVN Entertainment to Partner with Eurocinema

Eurocinema, the first branded on-demand service featuring European and global theatrical and short films will officially launch on October 15. Burbank-based TVN Entertainment Corporation will serve as Eurocinema’s exclusive distributor, providing asset delivery and management services, as well as marketing, promotional and affiliate support for the channel. Offering up 12 hours of film content at launch, Eurocinema will feature a combination of movies, with works by well-known directors that have never been seen in the United States. Eurocinema will showcase a diverse selection of quality international theatrical films, including both mainstream studio titles and independent productions, acquired from more than 20 global distributors. Each feature film will serve as the centerpiece of a hosted two-hour thematic programming block designed to provide perspective on the theme, with such supplemental content as host commentary, original documentaries and director interviews, as well as rarely seen short-format films relevant to the feature. Eurocinema will make its debut with six two-hour themed blocks, with four additional two hour blocks to be added by November, totaling 20 hours of original content. Each block is available individually at $3.99, and content will be refreshed monthly.

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