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Valley Business People Take Flight

Four San Fernando Valley business people were aboard a demonstration flight of the new Airbus 380, the largest passenger jet in the world. The gargantuan plane with a wingspan nearly as long as a football field took off from Los Angeles International Airport the morning of Nov. 29 for a 90 minute flight north before turning back to the city. The jet cruised through a bit of turbulence and the landing was smooth “as a piece of glass,” said Robert Rodine, a Sherman Oaks-based consultant. “The turns were so smooth you didn’t know you were turning,” Rodine said. “It is a big plane so it doesn’t make tight fighter plane turns.” “It was a nice ride,” said property management firm owner Ricky Gelb. “They have a television in front of the seat and you can watch yourself taking off and landing.” Joining Rodine and Gelb were businessman Flip Smith and attorney David Fleming. This was the second visit to the city of the plane. A stripped-down version touched down in March. LAX is expected to be the first U.S. destination of an A380 passenger flight next year, service which will be provided by Qantas Airways.

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