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In an effort to attract more shoppers, the North Hollywood business community is planning to open a farmers market at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences beginning in March 2002. Local business leaders believe they’re finally onto something. So, the San Fernando Valley Business Journal asks: Will a farmers market improve the business climate in North Hollywood? Bruce Spiegel President jewelfactory.com North Hollywood All over Los Angeles, local farmers markets bring the traditional neighborhood ambiance back. The proposed plan for the North Hollywood area is a good idea that can bring shoppers to the doors of area businesses. The location is the key to success. For example, the population center such as Valley Plaza or the NoHo arts district. Don Potter President PKPF Inc. North Hollywood The farmers market will not have an immediate impact in the business community, but it will eventually open the door for retail services, primarily in the NoHo arts district. As long as the entertainment place is around (theaters, restaurants, subway, etc.), the plan will enhance awareness to people and eventually increase business opportunities. Loretta Dash Accountant Davis & Dash North Hollywood We hope that the number of people and businesses would increase on a regular basis once the farmers market opens. The first rule of marketing would be to attract people and businesses. The effective tool to accomplish this objective would be to set projected sales and examine the change in population within the area on a monthly basis. Carlos Sandoval Vice President of Operations Acey Decy Lighting North Hollywood It will have a zero effect on my business. I think it will be beneficial and appealing specifically for retailers because the hours of operation coincide with each other. Linda J. Loe Director, Community Relations Academy of Television Arts & Sciences North Hollywood We want this area to become chic for tourists as well as locals. It has an enormous potential for business opportunities. The plan is a stepping stone for a thematic approach and to provide “the best of the best” trendsetter community. Tammy Sutyac Production Manager VITAC North Hollywood This event won’t really affect our (close-captioning) business. A farmers market would be a great asset to augment the trend developing in this area. The results will increase traffic and attract other businesses. Stephen Gomez Owner Stephen M. Gomez Insurance North Hollywood It is an effective business decision. The plan will give us the opportunity to promote our business by direct contact with customers. The opportunity knocks at NoHo. Joe Hooven President Universal City-North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce North Hollywood This opportunity will bring many people from the residential area to the business area. It will add value to the community and expose many businesses to the growing culture of NoHo.

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