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Valley Forum The events of Sept. 11 and their aftermath have changed the mood of many in the country. Added to that the economic downturn has caused many companies to scale back on spending in many categories. The San Fernando Valley Business Journal asks: Is your company scaling back or canceling holiday events or parties for your employees due to the economy and the overall mood of the country? Marty Cooper President Cooper Communications, Inc. Woodland Hills I was at Ground Zero three weeks after the World Trade Center attack. I saw firsthand the resilience and commitment of New Yorkers to deal with the devastation and return to a normal life. We should all do the same. At Cooper Communications I expect my staff to once again mark the holidays with an incredibly expensive gift for me…and I plan to reciprocate with an equally outrageous token of appreciation. And our holiday staff lunch will be no less celebratory than any in the past. Don Potter President PKPF, Inc. North Hollywood At PKPF, we are using some cash and lots of credit card award points to give our staff a special holiday celebration. It’s time to be good to ourselves, and we’re doing our part to create a positive attitude throughout the company today. Hopefully, this will help instill faith in the future for our business and our country. Alan E. Kassan Executive Vice President/General Manager Beitler Commercial Realty Services Sherman Oaks We are not really scaling back, just changing the nature of our holiday party to focus more on recognizing the value and contributions of our employees and agents, and to impart a positive outlook for the future. Bob Caine President Caine and Weiner Company, Inc. Van Nuys We are not scaling back our holiday event. We have this as an annual company dinner where our employees can get together in a non-office setting and help build our relationships and teamwork at the same time as taking notice of the holiday season. We feel it is important for support of our staff to be able to carry on this tradition.

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