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valley forum/d.taub/1stjc/mark2nd Los Angeles city officials are seeking proposals for a new building complex to replace the earthquake-damaged Van Nuys “City Hall.” The complex would house offices for city employees as well as feature shops, outdoor dining/entertainment areas and a 450-space parking complex. The project, however, falls short of a proposal by Los Angeles City Councilman Marvin Braude to do a complete makeover on Van Nuys Civic Center which would have included the addition of a civic auditorium, movie theaters, offices and retail development . Those more elaborate plans were shelved by the City Council. The San Fernando Valley Business Journal asks: Does the San Fernando Valley need a new civic center in Van Nuys? Stan Thomas Business development specialist Mid-Valley Chamber of Commerce “Yes, because the way the city is set up, the area needs a lot of revitalization. You already have that as a central hub because the police and the city offices are centered there. It would revitalize the civic center that’s already there. Wal-Mart is coming in a lot of different things are happening up and down Van Nuys Boulevard. There’s a lot happening on the boulevard, and that would just propel the area bringing it back to the status it once had.” Sandor Winger President Sandor L. Winger and Associates land use consulting “The answer to the question is yes, but it has to coincide with the Valley being totally independent with its own civic center. Van Nuys would be a good start. The Valley does need a government center, but more importantly the government center would be for the use of an independent city.” Jerry Katell Katell Properties “I think a revitalization and the addition of the kind of new projects contemplated by Marvin Braude would be a welcome addition to Van Nuys. The area could use a revitalization. Retail in particular could use a revitalization, and I think it’s a very central location.” Rick Voorhis President Van Nuys Flight Center “If they just fixed up the government buildings and put in a new auditorium, it probably wouldn’t attract more people to it. If there were attractions to go there and you brought in classy office buildings, restaurants, shops, theaters, then it would be nice. It’s pretty obvious that Van Nuys Boulevard is in disfavor right now in terms of people shopping.” Dan Selleck Principal Selleck Properties “I think it’s a good idea, It’s probably long overdue. However, the private sector is also in the process of revitalizing the Valley. And I think our project (at the old General Motors Plant) in particular will go a long way to revitalizing the Van Nuys Boulevard corridor. The private sector is going to maybe start the ball rolling, and the success of these projects will encourage other property owners to do the same, and it will be kind of a snowball effect at least we hope it will be.” Marvin Braude Los Angeles City Councilman 11th District “I consider it the most important and badly needed project in the San Fernando Valley. It is the essence the heart of the Valley. It is the distribution place for serving the Valley. It is the symbolic center of the Valley. This is the place where, if the Valley were a separate city, it would be the most obvious place for the City Hall.”

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