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A State Superior Court decision late last month brought Burbank Airport one step closer to a large-scale expansion. The decision gave the Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena Airport Authority the right to purchase 130 acres of land from Lockheed Martin Corp., which is earmarked to build the expanded facilities. Those seeking to block the expansion, including the City of Burbank, say that the noise and congestion will be bad for the city. Proponents of an expanded Burbank Airport say the airport access is necessary for Valley businesses to grow and prosper. The battle is likely to continue for some time Burbank has said it is prepared to take the case to the Supreme Court if necessary. Given the cost of a protracted battle, the Valley Forum asks: Would an expanded Burbank Airport benefit your business? David Honda (PHOTO) president and chief executive D.S. Honda Construction For my business as a general contractor, the expansion would have no direct effect. But as chairman of the Valley Economic Development Center, I can say that it would have a good effect on business and commerce. Nobody wants to drive to LAX. Melinda Russell senior vice president Capital Commercial Real Estate/NAI As a broker, I specialize in multi-family properties like apartment buildings. If there’s a noise factor associated with the expansion, it could have a detrimental effect on my business by making the properties less attractive to investors. If I were a broker in commercial properties, the expansion might have a positive effect. Robert A. Frary vice president of marketing United Insurance Co. of America The answer is an unequivocal “yes!” Any increased frequency of flights or destinations will be a great help to people like me who have to travel three times a month and for the many people who come into town to see us. We try to avoid having to go through LAX. The expansion will not affect our company’s bottom line as much as the comfort level for travel. Bern Ward Thorsch (PHOTO) owner and operator Studio City Camera Exchange I would think it would have some favorable effect on our business. It may bring more visitors to the area. Mark Leonard (PHOTO) Jammin’ Jersey Music & Pro Audio I would be very surprised if it has any bearing on my store because we’re not reliant on business travelers. From our Valley hub, we get customers from places like Santa Barbara and Orange County, but the farther away from here you get, the fewer the numbers of people who come here.

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