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mike1st/mark2nd Valley forum The Los Angeles mayoral campaign is underway with Mayor Richard Riordan and Tom Hayden as the main contenders. Since the San Fernando Valley has been a hotbed of controversial issues, including talk of secession, the Business Journal Forum asks: What issues should the mayor focus on in addressing concerns of the San Fernando Valley? Melissa Van Meter Manager, Creative Services MTM Enterprises Inc. “Try to figure out the mess of the subway going through the Valley. I’m not sure what the answer should be, but I think somebody should get a handle on it. Maybe also look into more environmental issues in the Valley, since we’re a smog center.” Reggie McDowell General Manager Sheraton Universal Hotel “To ensure that there’s a favorable relationship of tax revenues gained from the Valley with services provided to the Valley services should be equal to the revenue stream from the Valley. Everybody should get their fair share of services.” R. Hank Miller Business Development Officer Bank of Granada Hills “Make it a more business-friendly atmosphere. Try to attract more business to the Valley by cutting down bureaucratic red tape and providing quicker response to business needs, especially in connection with tax issues. Bringing the tax structure in line to be more competitive to surrounding districts.” Paul Craig CEO Capstone Turbine Corp. “Continue to promote the growth of the 21st century transportation program under the guidance of Calstart. Issues to address are those pertaining to the encouragement and support of small start-up companies that will bring an improved economy to the Valley for instance, political support and streamlining of the permit process. The Valley has long been recognized as the premiere automotive innovation center of the U.S. The mayor should continue to support this crucial technology.” Paul Locker President Locker Realty Corp. “I think that, first, the city will have to look at their budget this is where most of the issues will stem from. One of the most important issues in retaining business in the Valley is the image of the city. For example, the image and reputation of the LAPD including its handling of the gang problem in the Valley affects whether we can keep businesses in the Valley. The condition of the streets is another issue. The Mayor’s Office has the L.A. Business Team they have been very helpful and a big factor in retaining businesses. Hopefully, the budget will still allow for the team to stay in place.”

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