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Who Do You Remember? In this issue, the San Fernando Valley Business Journal looks at some of the oldest businesses in the Valley. But old is a relative term in a place like Southern California, so we ask: What long-gone Valley businesses do you remember and miss? Peter Godfrey Owner Dragonfly Design Group Sherman Oaks The one that comes to mind first off, and not necessarily just for me but because I’ve heard five people complain about it, is Crown Books. My office is next to Borders and people are always saying I have to come here because my favorite store is closed. I was in the library and people are coming back to the library because Crown closed. I think it was in Studio City near Yellow Balloon and Long’s Drugs. Maybe another would be Hughes Market (bought out by Ralphs). Mitch Carson President Impact Products Agoura Hills Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor. They had two locations, one at Van Nuys Boulevard near Sherman Way. There was also another one on DeSoto off of Ventura. Huge portions of ice cream, very festive environment and lots of candies and goodies. You walked out of there with a light heart, very full and sent into a sugar coma. Anita Abernathy President Superior Collection Agency West Hills There are a lot of things that used to be at the Fallbrook Mall but are no longer. There was a place called Lindy’s and, basically, their color scheme was pink. That’s why I remember it, (that) and their slogan or catch-phrase was “keeping in the pink.” Their focus was health food. It was part of the Canoga Park area for many years. Other businesses I remember, like Gemco, have come and gone. A lot of farms have gone. Farming was integral for our area, considering California was known as the food basket of our nation. Philip Chow Graphic Designer Wagner Creative Tarzana There used to be this lunch place that we would go to for lunch. It was called You Are the Boss. It has changed owners a few times. It’s a little place; they have sandwiches and yogurts. It’s still open, just a different name and different owner. Maybe some of the menu items changed. It’s the unusual name. It makes me think of the old days that I worked at Wagner (when it was in Van Nuys) and old co-workers that are no longer here. Zachary Schuler President Cal Net Technology Group Reseda There was an old hamburger place; I think it was part of a chain. It was called Flakey Jake’s. And there was another place called Fuddruckers. They were hamburger type places and they seem to have disappeared. There was another one too; it was called Bonkers. Bonkers, I think, was on Ventura Boulevard. I used to go (to Bonkers) on birthdays as a kid. All of these places had kind of the same atmosphere, the same ambiance, and they’re gone.

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