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Vehicle traffic counts by the state Department of Transportation and the city of Los Angeles show that more cars are clogging the streets and freeways of the San Fernando Valley. A host of improvements from synchronized traffic signals to carpool lanes and commuter trains have been implemented to improve the situation. But the impact of these measures is open to debate. With the economy improving and more people working, The San Fernando Business Journal Forum asks: Is traffic getting worse in the San Fernando Valley? Frank Sheftel The Candy Factory Owner North Hollywood Yes it is. I thought I was one of the lucky ones. My business is on Riverside Drive near Coldwater and my home is off Riverside, so you’d think it would be very easy to get to and from work. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to find alternate routes. If there is an accident on the 101, the traffic goes on Ventura. I thought I had the system beat, but it beat me. Lea Yardum Model Studio City Yes, especially coming from the Westside going east, it’s unbelievably bad. I think it’s because there are more people. It’s gotten worse since school started. Over the summer it was all right. Jan Zlotowicz Vice President of Human Resources Health Net Woodland Hills I’d like to preface this by saying (Health Net) is part of the Valley shuttle service. We’re also part of other ridesharing programs. But clearly, the traffic has increased. Ben Shindler Ben Shindler CPA Sherman Oaks I don’t think so. I haven’t seen that it has gotten any worse. I even take my son to school in the morning and I really don’t find it any different. Joseph Molina President JMPR Public Relations Inc. It is getting worse, yes, but I love the Valley. The San Diego and Ventura interchange is the worst, that’s the Bermuda Triangle, the black hole of asphalt. Not only are you not getting anywhere but you get all these blips on your cell (phone). It’s like the black hole of the Valley. Mike Feuer Los Angeles City Councilman Fifth District Traffic has surpassed all other public safety issues. Clearly congestion is worse, both on the streets and freeways. That’s why it’s important to keep improving public transportation and encouraging more people to carpool.

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