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VALLEY FORUM – Building Boom

VALLEY FORUM – Building Boom Voters approved Proposition A in 2001 a property tax bond measure which allocated $1.2 billion for capital improvement projects for all nine campuses in the Los Angeles Community College District, including Los Angeles Valley, Pierce and Mission colleges. But district officials now say that money won’t be enough to cover all projects and on May 20 voters will be asked to approve Prop. AA, calling for an additional $980 million. The Business Journal asks: Would you approve another property bond measure for the community college system? Lee Alpert President Alpert & Barr, attorneys Encino Only if I knew that they are putting Prop. A funds to proper use and this was truly needed, because bonds are usually borne by someone and it’s usually the taxpayers. With the type of economy we now have and all of the difficulties in our state, there has to be some proof of accountability for those initial funds. So I would be reluctant to vote for any bond measure coming on the heels of another until I knew why they needed more money, and what’s happening with the other bond money. If they are wasting away the dollars, as happens very often, then I would absolutely vote no. If they have legitimate need, that’s another story. Tony Lucente President Studio City Residents’ Association Yes, absolutely. I think community colleges serve many individuals who often can’t get into four-year colleges and help them make their way into the workplace, which is very important for the economy. I feel the Prop. A funds are being managed properly, and that’s why I’m willing to support this. We (the association) have had a first-hand look into the management of the Prop. A funds and we are satisfied. In fact I’m disappointed now that the community college system seems to be getting the short end in the governor’s budget versus the four-year colleges. Peter Resnick Principal International Copier Exchange Chatsworth I would support the bond measure because as a local businessman, when it comes to hiring young people, I’m not generally finding the qualified individuals that have the education, work ethic and skills that I need. And I think that it all starts with education. Scott Saklad Chief Operating Officer Computrition Inc. Chatsworth I’m a little suspect on that. There are a lot of business questions that need to be answered like how could they have been so off in their original bond estimate? If there are valid reasons for asking for another bond, then it may be worth it, but I don’t really see that.

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