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VALLEY FORUM: Fill ‘Er Up? Gas prices have continued to climb in the past month to more than $2 a gallon, causing strain on business budgets but also making it expensive for the average driver. So, the San Fernando Valley Business Journal asks: Have you changed your driving habits because of the increase in gasoline prices? Neil S. Dudovitz Executive Director Neighborhood Legal Center Pacoima I haven’t had much of a chance to change my habits because I have to drive so much for work. But it’s annoying to know that gasoline has become so expensive. If I could cut back, I probably would. Jennifer Saxon Executive Director Studio City Chamber of Commerce Studio City I haven’t really done anything different yet because I guess it hasn’t really hit me yet that gas has become so expensive. If I start thinking about it, I probably wouldn’t drive as much as I do now. Pam Jacobson Administrative Director Hand in Hand Family and Child Development Center Encino It hasn’t changed my driving habits in terms of coming to work. I have my kids and I have places of where my kids need to be, but I don’t get around that often anyway. I’m a working mom and if something is important for your child you’re going to absorb the cost and do it. Dana Banks Resident Woodland Hills I’ve completely stopped seeing my friends in L.A. I have to drive down from Woodland Hills and that’s a good drive for me. But I don’t really want to spend gas when I don’t have to. Diane Krehbiel Sales and Marketing Representative Thor Inc. Calabasas Unfortunately due to client commitments, driving has not been reduced for me, although mileage reimbursements remain the same. But it’s definitely a shock when you go fill up your gas tank and you see what the total amount is. As far as gas prices, there are aspects of it that could be justified if you know where that increase is going to, but I don’t know where that is and it’s frustrating.

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