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Valley Forum—Money for Nothing

Between now and the end of September, depending on your Social Security number, the proverbial check is in the mail. Only this time it’s coming from the Federal government. Consequently, the San Fernando Valley Business Journal asks: What are you going to do with your tax rebate? George S. McQuade III Vice President/Co-founder MAYO Communications Canoga Park I don’t think President Bush’s rebate plan will stimulate the economy and encourage consumers to spend. If they’re like us at MAYO Communications, we’ll use our $600 rebate check to pay for time, travel, fax and phone bills accumulated for Tri-Chamber of Commerce, 4th of July CSUN event and the Armenian-American Chamber of Commerce Business Expo events. But I would rather use it for a vacation. Philip Lipp President Allwest Mortgage Company North Hollywood I will save the rebate and deposit it in the bank. In our business, some of our clients (first-time homebuyers) decided to save their rebate and use it for their down payment to purchase a new home. Stan Shor Vice President, Human Resources P.L. Porter Co. Woodland Hills I will deposit the $600 rebate check in a car account I have for the purchase of a new automobile. Cindy Goodfellow Manager The Aeroplex/Aerolease Group Van Nuys I would like to give it back to the community, specifically to City of Hope, Light Heart Foundation and 23rd Street Station. The extra money will then be applied to our Christmas party budget. Richard Katz Owner Richard Katz Consulting Sherman Oaks Pay my taxes. Dennie Marks President Contact 1 Inc. Tarzana Besides spending all of my rebate, I think that the tax rebate is not a proper tax reform. It will cause a deficit to our economy. Lisa Gelb Vice President, Leasing Gelb Enterprises/ RMG Properties Encino The week after I am supposed to receive my tax rebate, I will be on my honeymoon in Jamaica. This money could not have come at a better time. Kristina Ferrin Manager of Corporate Research J.D. Power & Associates Agoura Hills The rebate will be used for bills and the remaining will be applied for books at school.

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