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Valley Forum: What Are Your Halloween Plans?

Valley Forum: What Are Your Halloween Plans? Halloween is not what it used to be. In fact, it’s been a long time since activities on Oct. 31 were limited to children trick-or-treating in their own neighborhoods. As many adults as children now celebrate Halloween and, in fact, for retailers it has become the second busiest holiday of the year, following only Christmas in revenue generated. So, the San Fernando Valley Business Journal wants to know: What are you doing for Halloween this year? Jonathan Goldhill Principal Jonathan Goldhill & Associates Woodland Hills My plans for Halloween revolve around my daughter. Wherever she wants to go, we’ll take her. This year she’s decided to be a cheerleader, so my wife went down to USC and bought her a Trojans cheerleading outfit. Don’t ask me why, but secretly I’m enjoying it since USC was my grad school alma mater. As parents we don’t indulge in buying or making costumes for ourselves. Priscilla Brehm Vice President Morton Capital Management Calabasas We plan to spend Halloween with my 13-year-old son and his friends at a party in our neighborhood, then trick-or-treating in the same area. We’ve already made our revenue contributions, such as they are, with purchases of costumes, accessories, decorations and treats. All that’s left is to get the pumpkins and we plan to do that in the next few days. I sure hope somebody else is spending more than we are, or the retailers will be “spooked”. Chris Garland Creative Director Xeno Design Van Nuys Halloween gives me the creeps. I’ve never understood the appeal myself. What’s up with the fear factor? It’s fun to be fooled (or ghouled, as the case may be)? However, that being said, I get a kick out of the kids that come to the front door in their costumes and the creativity they represent, so I play along. I was at Fashion Square last night doing some shopping and passed the Sanrio store. It made me think, if I needed a Halloween costume this year, I’d dress up as Hello Kitty. Now that would be scary! Renee Simone Sales Manager Homeowners Marketing North Hollywood I bought the treats, Some chocolate sweets, Round bubble-gum, And sweet-tart fun. I spent my cash, On ghoulish masks, On scary lights, And sound-track frights. My only hope, Now that I’m broke, Is that they come, Enjoy the fun!

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