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Valley Pres Will Refurbish its ER and Children’s Center with $500,000 in Grants

Valley Presbyterian Hospital announced that it has received half a million dollars in grants from the Ahmanson Foundation and the Ralph M. Parsons Foundations that it will use to renovate and equip its Emergency Department and Children’s Center. The Ahmanson Foundation donated $250,000 to Valley Presbyterian for emergency services refurbishment and new equipment. The hospital has seen an increase in its emergency room patients since last year’s closure of nearby by Northridge Hospital Medical Center Sherman Way Campus. The $250,000 grant from the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation was awarded to help the hospital purchase new furnishings and equipment for Valley Presbyterian’s Children’s Center. The center supports a 32-bed neonatal intensive care unit, a 10-bed pediatric intensive care unit and a 29-bed general pediatric unit.

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