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Valley Talk

Valley Talk This Old Man So by now retailers have unleashed a gaggle of not-so-subtle messages, hoping to make the most of Father’s Day sales. And most are touting the same stereotypical gift ideas tool sets to ties. One marketer, however, is taking a different tack. Fashion Square in Sherman Oaks has gathered an anti-tie Father’s Day gift list that includes Swedish neck pillows (for the pain in the neck dad) , a secret agent recorder pen (for the spy wannabe dad) and something called “The Worst Case Scenario Golf Handbook” (for golfing dads). Then there’s the selection that screams old dad a record player that spins vinyl. No word yet on how many kids actually know what it is. Flowers for the Freeway Dena Feingold, owner of It’s a Blooming Business in Fashion Square in Sherman Oaks, has come up with an alternative to those flapping flags Laker fans typically have dangling from their car windows. The company is selling purple and yellow floral car wreaths to fans who want to express their love for the Lakers in a fresh way. And apparently, one of the Lakers’ more famous courtside devotees, Jack Nicholson, has taken to the idea and hung a “super-sized” one from his car. Rumor has it when he wasn’t driving he also hung the wreath from his trailer dressing room on the set where he’s currently filming a movie. The wreaths are selling for between $75 and $100.

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