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valleytalkadd/cw1st/LK2nd Excuses, Excuses No one ever said managing people was easy, but it probably doesn’t get any harder than in the temporary staffing business, especially now that unemployment levels have dropped precipitously. With more jobs to fill than there are employees to fill them, temporary help agencies like Royal Staffing Services in Sherman Oaks often find themselves dealing with a workforce sorely lacking in motivation. As a result, they’ve been hearing some pretty outlandish excuses for why temps can’t show up for work. Here are a few: “The hours are too early. My thyroid does not kick in until about 9 a.m.” “I’m in jail right now for not paying my parking tickets.” “My hot water heater exploded, my house is flooded and my cat ran away.” “Does temporary mean that I don’t have to go if I don’t feel like it?” “I’m really sick and I can’t go to work, but can I come in to pick up my check?”

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