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Mission City Momentum As millennium fever grows with the new year, the San Fernando Chamber of Commerce is unveiling an economic development plan to prepare the Greater San Fernando Area for the 21st Century. The six-year strategy, outlined in “Our Mission is Prosperity: An Economic Strategy for the Greater San Fernando Area,” outlines initiatives in five areas of economic development: workforce preparedness, business retention, attraction and expansion, small-business assistance, image promotion and business’ role in the community. Twenty-six leaders from business and government in San Fernando and Los Angeles have issued statements of support for the set of initiatives which the chamber plans to implement from now through the year 2002. Response to our Economic Development Plan has been overwhelming. We have been able to garner support across numerous boundaries, public/private distinctions, and best of all, city limits. This is a regional strategy for the millennium, and it was important for us to get the support of people both in the city of San Fernando and the city of Los Angeles. To fund the Economic Development Project, the Chamber of Commerce is looking to those who will be the primary beneficiaries of the projects the local business community. SCOTT SCHMIDT Program Manager San Fernando Chamber of Commerce

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