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Viagra Sold Here Despite all the talk surrounding Viagra, the wildly popular impotency drug, folks at the Northridge Pharmacy & Gift Gallery are finding that many of their customers are unaware they need a doctor’s prescription. To save their customers time, and the embarrassment of having to ask, “Um, er, where do I find Viagra?” the pharmacy has posted a sign alerting customers that they need a doctor’s note. Northridge Pharmacy owner Barry Pascal said many of the people inquiring about the drug claim to be doing so on behalf of their fellow man. “We get a number of people coming in and asking about the drug for a friend,” he said. But there is one question no customers ever ask. “Nobody cares if it has any side effects. No one even asks,” Pascal said. Pass the Apple Pie, Please Feel like you’re missing something in life? Maybe you’re running low on moral fiber. A start-up publishing company in Burbank is betting that its new book, “Strength of Character and Grace,” will be a hit with people who are tired of dirty politics, seamy talk shows and devil-may-care ethics. Vito Sanzone, the founder, publisher and chief executive of Vittorio, says the book is not a throwback to the etiquette books of the 1950s. Rather, it taps into the modern-day concerns people have about building a strong moral foundation, a skill we’ve presumably lost. Sanzone, who previously was a marketing executive at Iwerks Entertainment Inc., said his company introduced the book at a major book show in Chicago this month and received very positive responses. “People told me, ‘Your book should be successful for the same reason people are fixing up their bathrooms. They want to grow roots,'” Sanzone said. Sanzone, who will officially launch the book in January, admits that he was skeptical at first. But after spending time with the book’s author, Marta Monahan, who bills herself as an international character-refinement expert, he became a believer. “People want upstanding lives,” Sanzone said.” Reeling In the Big Names The Valley Cultural Center has gotten some heavy hitters on its roster of sponsors for the “Concerts in the Park” series. Season benefactors include the Boeing Co./Rocketdyne, the Voit Cos., Time Warner Communications and Warner Center Properties. But its most important benefactor may turn out to be one of the newest members of the board of directors. Steve Goldstein, a composer who is currently band leader and musical director for the new “Howie Mandel” variety show on CBS, has already landed some big names for the program of summer concerts. Goldstein was responsible for getting ’50s teen idol Frankie Avalon as master of ceremonies for the kickoff concert. And he’s been trying to entice groups to perform by offering to introduce them to the producers of “Howie Mandel.” “I do what I can to make the contacts,” Goldstein said. “I’m not in control, but I can certainly get them into the mix (for consideration).” The concerts are slated to be held at the Bredlow Pavilion in Warner Park at the Warner Center.

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