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ValueClick Division Announces Contest Winner

NexMedia Ltd. founder Stephan Helbig won the Web Services Developer Contest sponsored by Commission Junction, a division of Westlake Village-based ValueClick, Inc. Helbig won the contest for creating a product search application called Agumbo that does searches through Commission Junction’s global network. Commission Junction provides services to help marketers increase online leads and sales. Contestants were challenged to use the division’s new Web Services tools to build applications linking Adobe’s Dreamweaver software with its technology. Launching Web Services in conjunction with the contest was exciting, said Tom Vadnais, president of ValueClick U.S. and general manager of Commission Junction. “We have a talented group of clients and it was amazing to seem them rise to the challenge,” Vadnais said. “Stephan created an exceptional application and we look forward to celebrating his and other’ future successes with Web Services.”

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