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VICA The Valley Industry and Commerce Association board has agreed to endorse the creation of powerful, elected neighborhood councils to rule on land-use and budget issues. About three quarters of VICA’s 50 board members who voted by mail at the end of June backed the idea of creating 15 “quasi-cities” across Los Angeles, each having an elected mayor and council. The proposal, authored by San Fernando Valley civic activist David Fleming, was submitted to an elected panel that is investigating ways to reorganize city government via City Charter reform. The proposal also calls for the district councils to have representatives on a 50-member panel that would decide on citywide matters. To encourage growth and job creation, Fleming is proposing that the realigned districts retain all the revenue generated by new development. The citizens in each district could then decide how best to use the money for local improvements. Fleming’s proposal is at odds with the stance of some downtown business leaders who oppose the forming of localized councils with decision-making powers.

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