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Vivid Entertainment’s Virility Supplements Hit Big in Asia

Adult entertainment company Vivid Entertainment has announced that overseas sales have increased markedly for its herbal virility supplements. The company reported a sales increase of 158 percent for its Herbal Vivid virility products in Asia. Vivid attributed the surge in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China to a broadened distribution plan, an aggressive new global advertising campaign and the use of Vivid girls to help promote the products. For the supplements, Vivid has partnered with Buccone Ltd., which has sold herbal products in Asia for years. Vivid has also announced that it has increased its marketing of herbal products in the United States and Canada, where it has ramped up commercials on television and cable. Herbal Vivid commercials now can be seen on the Spice, Playboy TV and Hot Network channels and the product has also been promoted on radio programs such as “The Tom Leykis Show,” and “The Howard Stern Show.”

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