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Warner Bros. Layoffs Fewer Than Speculated

Warner Bros. Studios laid off about three dozen employees this week as a result of the ongoing strike by television and film writers. The number of employees let go was significantly less than the number notified they could be cut by the Burbank-based studios. Media reports said that 1,000 employees were given required Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification notices creating speculation that a high number would be let go by the studio. The studio sent out the notices in November, a week after members of the Writers Guild of America began their walkout. Warner Bros. came up with other measures, such as reduced work schedules, to minimize the layoffs, a company spokesperson said. “We will continue to explore alternatives to layoffs, including redeployment to other areas of our businesses,” the spokesperson added. “We are very sorry for the impact this has on our non-striking workforce.”

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