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40 Under 40, Achadjian

Hratch Achadjian, 25 Business Development, SADA Systems Hratch Achadjian spends his days developing business strategies for late-stage startup SADA Systems. In his spare time, he manages his father’s state assembly campaigns and sits on the Board of Advisers for the Children’s Music Fund. For Achadjian, 25, a 2009 graduate of The George Washington University’s School of Business, such commitments are the requisites of being a successful professional in today’s competitive business landscape. “Aside from standing 6’5” tall, I tend to stand out due to my definition of a business professional: it means going beyond your 9 to 5, being an active member of your community at the office, at church, in politics, in philanthropy and beyond,” he said. In business, Achadjian excels. He has streamlined processes at North Hollywood-based SADA and brought in more than $1.7 million in Google Apps revenue, a 120 percent increase. Achadjian also has placed global experience high on his priority list. He has interned for an investment and consulting firm in Kuwait and spent semesters in Rome and Paris before landing in Los Angeles. His father, state Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian, has been a role model for Hratch. “His work ethic, instilled in me from an early age, is a direct factor that has attributed to my success. He is a vibrant example of the American Dream I believe still exists today,” he said. While Achadjian says there is some degree of luck involved in business, he notes that ultimately, it is a combination of hard work and a sense of optimism that will drive a successful career. “Take on all work you have the opportunity to,” he advises. “Deliver results above and beyond expectations. Never forget those who helped you get to where you are — and aspire to be an optimist.”

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