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40 Under 40, Degonia

Jarrod DeGonia, 36 Field Deputy, 5th District Board of Supervisors Public service is more than just a career for Jarrod DeGonia, 36. As field deputy for the San Fernando Valley for Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich, DeGonia says helping residents find a solution is the best part of his day. “The ability to assist constituents with real, every day problems and find solutions for them is the most gratifying part of the job,” he said. “When an individual has contacted their elected official’s office with a government problem, we are usually their last resort. To help them find solutions is immensely gratifying.” DeGonia said he has learned that earning the public’s trust is key to success — and preserving that trust is one of the most important aspects of his career. A 1998 graduate of Cal Lutheran University, DeGonia has spent his entire career in the public sector. First, he worked as a case worker in the office of state Sen. Cathie Wright; next, he was a field representative for Ventura County Supervisor Judy Mikels, and later became chief of staff; then he was the district director for Assemblyman Cameron Smyth. He joined Antonovich’s office late last year as both a field deputy and policy deputy. DeGonia says these officials have been good examples for his future in public life. “Every elected official I have worked for has been a great role model for me,” he said. “Despite the cynicism and negativity associated with government and politicians, the individuals I have worked for have all followed their hearts and minds to serve the people that sent them into office.”

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