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40 Under 40, Jith

Gayathri Jith, 35 Vice President of Operations, Valley Presbyterian Hospital Gayathri Jith, vice president of operations for Valley Presbyterian Hospital, is passionate about the work the Van Nuys hospital does for patients and their families. “As I walk through the hospital, it is satisfying to observe the direct impact of my team’s effort and decisions as we strive to provide an excellent customer service,” she said. Jith, 35, oversees 350 hospital employees and roughly 25 percent of the organization. She attributes her ability to manage diverse programs and systems to her ever-present curiosity and desire to learn. “My intellectual curiosity and drive has given me the breadth of knowledge and nimbleness to adapt to this evolving industry and given me exposure early on to advance my career,” Jith says. A fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives, Jith earned a B.S. degree from University of California, San Diego and a master’s of public health from University of California, Los Angeles. Prior to joining Valley Presbyterian, Jith served as the administrative director for anesthesiology, critical care medicine, and imaging services for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Jith advises other young professionals to embrace continued learning throughout their career. “To succeed, one must have the eagerness to learn, work hard, have patience, and be optimistic to guide you through difficult times,” she says. “Continue to learn in everything you do. Learning doesn’t stop in school or college. No matter the title or role, success is a feeling that you are of value — strive to achieve that.”

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