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40 Under 40, Mills

Monica Mills, 38 Vice President of Mortgage Lead Generation, Bank of America Finding ways to help the families of sick and injured children through her charity Hopes Haven brings Monica Mills much happiness. “My joy is rooted in allowing these amazing warriors a spot of lightness in the midst of dark times,” said Mills, 38. “Nothing can compare.” As founder and executive director of the Agoura Hills-based nonprofit, Mills coordinates special events and raises money to aid the families of sick and injured kids during long-term care. That isn’t the only hat Mills wears. As vice president of mortgage lead generation at Bank of America, she trains origination staff, manages loan pipelines and establishes reporting standards. She also is a relationship manager for business partners and strategic alliances. As if that isn’t enough to keep one person busy, Mills is pursuing an MBA at Cal Lutheran University to add to her M.F.A from the American Film Institute and B.A. from UC Santa Barbara. Determination to work hard is what she says other young professionals need to grow their career. “There is not a secret formula or fast-acting pill for success. Hard work is the key. Work longer and more diligently than your managers, peers and employees,” she urges. And most importantly, Mills says, like the career you’ve chosen. “Find passion in what you do, or your soul will wither.”

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